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Welcome to the Columbia Center for Dizziness, Vertigo, and Balance


is a vague term used to describe many different sensations including,

Lightheadedness Lightheadedness Imbalance Imbalance
Faintness Faintness Disorientation Disorientation
Spinning Spinning Vision Difficulties Vision Difficulties
Rocking Rocking Etc.


is also used imprecisely, but can be used more precisely to mean spinning or tilting


is a loss of equilibrium and can be caused by dizziness, vertigo, and many other conditions.

The evaluation of someone with dizziness, vertigo, or imbalance (which will all be lumped together under dizziness) starts with a description of the sensation. Sometimes, this leads easily toward the appropriate diagnostic testing and treatment. However, more often then not, the sensation is difficult to categorize. A complete physical examination may provide additional help in delineating the cause. Dizziness can result from inner ear problems, neurological damage, heart disorders, orthopedic injuries, and psychological issues. Many medications contribute to dizziness—some that are even prescribed to treat dizziness!

Our center has access to specialists across disciplines including Neurology, Otolaryngology/ENT, Cardiology, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and others as needed. We also have access to all the laboratory, radiological, and other testing offered at Columbia University Medical Center. When needed, physical therapists and vestibular therapists are available for treatment.

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